work in progress i wish i could art plz gods of painting lend me your strength. painting was pretty calming otherwise so 

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why buy $20 midi rings from UO or Anthro when you can just make your own tbh

yay i made rings today and I was going to post photos but I totally forgot because I was teaching this rookie 17 sets of her drill that she missed from last week so I was at marching band from 3:30-9pm instead of 6-9pm and I forgot to bring dinner but it was super nice because she learns super fast and I feel so accomplished when I teach rookies I love being section leader

maybe i’ll start selling jewelry now 

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Does being Asian in Minnesota ever shaped you? Does the culture and landscape there (or your own culture) shape your work?

this is definitely one of the more thought provoking questions i’ve ever gotten, so thank you for that! I thought about writing a concise answer but rather I just decided to type whatever was coming to mind. And I’ll be talking about my work because being anything in anywhere will shape you indefinitely.

I suppose that there is some indirect correlation between the culture that I grew up in and my work because you spend every moment of your life growing and being socialized by the things you see and the people you meet. There is every possibility that my work could have been different if I were to have grown up in Malaysia (I’m Chinese but my parents grew up there) because different cultures approach art at different angles, but then again that goes back to the lifelong possibilities of what-if’s: “what if I never had a brother, what if I was born premature, what if my dad never went to college in America…”. 

And then more obviously, it’s almost as if my current work is shaped around the landscape (in the literal sense) here just because I have to make do with what I have. As much as I hope for the beautiful mountainous regions in Washington and the Victorian-styled houses in Maine, I’ve got to deal with the flatness of Minnesota, but quite frankly it isn’t all that bad.

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tryna get the video capabilities up and running on my camera but I forgot to turn on the mic

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frickfrackflute being perf

it’s snow white guyz

in my dream it felt real enough

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