Trending Now: Olive Green

I really love the color olive- it’s very military-chic, and goes well with so many different colors! It looks excellent with green, gray, cream, white, brown, and blue. In fact, pink could possibly be pulled off too! I just haven’t put together an outfit incorporating those colors. Here are 4 olive-green colored apparel:

1) Nicole Miller’s Olive Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans

These skinny jeans look excellent with heels, flats, or sandals. How versatile! another thing is that silver, red, black, or brown-the most common shoe colors-can be paired with these jeans! It would also look gorgeous with a white blouse, tucked under with a chunky, braided brown belt, and a gray cardigan.

2) Fossil’s Grayson Drawstring Bucket Bag

Becasue of it’s not-too-bright color, it goes perfectly with a statement outfit. You wouldn’t want a huge, bright, statement handbag with a statement dress. It’s just too much. This color is like your best friend. Wear it to dress down your outfit, or dress it up with a bright, floral scarf tied to the handles. I really like the drawstring feel to this bag!

3) Lucien’s Pellat-Finet

This is definitely one of the more basic cardigans, but just as much of a staple for your wardrobe as a ruffly one. This olive cardigan is perfect for layering becasue of it’s v neck, and it’s slim silhouette allows you to layer a lot more. I love the silver-accented buttons becasue it gives it that unique pop. Wear this with skinny jeans, black flats, and a scarf!

4) Heartloom’s V-Neck Romper with Pockets in Olive

This is a really fun romper that probably couldn’t be pulled off in any other color. Black would mush the details together, leaving it bland and shapeless, and pink would be… a bit too playful and childish. Olive green is a slightly more mature color that balances out its romper-ness. Ever seen one of those rompers that makes you look like a little kid? Anyways, I love the v-neck in this romper, and the smocked waist adds a lot of definition to your silhouette.


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